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Family News

On this page you will find all current events pertaining to the gage family.

Darrell "Mick" Gage    Born in Merced, Ca September 5, 1939
Died in Sacramento, Ca May 4, 2005  after a long illness.
He was 65 years of age.
Mick was the son of Royal and Martha Gage and he will be missed by all of us..

Joe Carrier
Born in Guthrie, OK August 24, 1918.
Died in Bakersfield, CA March 29, 2002.
Joe was the husband of June Shelton, and Imogene Gage Shelton's Son -in-Law.

Josie Gage Gaskins
Born in Uz, Texas December 30, 1901.
Died in Bowie, Texas  May 20, 2002.
Josie was the second oldest daughter of Frank and Nora Gage.

 Esther Irene Gage Sims. Born in Lone Wolf, Ok January 11, 1909. Died July 10,2008 in Fresno, Ca. Esther was the youngest daughter of Frank Totty Gage & Nora Pearl Gage. She was the last surviving child of ten kids